Fantasy Indycar

*See the list of who you and others have picked throughout the season towards the bottom*

Hey everyone! Just a fun, friendly, and free fantasy racing game! Alliteration aside, I really am looking forward to some friendly competition!

*Note* this is currently a closed field, and therefore I cannot allow you into the league at this moment. However, if you'd like to follow along on your own and keep track, go right ahead. You can also throw your name into the hat to have a chance to play next season! Deadline to submit your name is October 31st, 2015. Current competitors get first dibs.

Here are the rules of my Fantasy Indycar league:

-Each competitor will determine who the top five cars are (order in which they finish is irrelevant, just list the fiver drivers who you think will finish the highest) at the end of each race.

-Scoring: A participant will get as many points as their driver that they picked gained. Example, if your drivers finish 2nd, 4th, 8th, 15th, and 21st, then the player will get 40 (2nd place points) + 32 (4th) + 24 (8th) + 15 (15th) + 9 (21st) = 120 points for that week. We will use the Indycar scoring system when it comes to allocating points (see grid located at the bottom of the page in this link Indycar Rule Update ).

-All picks must be sent to me via twitter before cars hit the track for the first official practice session of the weekend. Failure to do so will result in a docking of 50% of the points gained for that race.

-A participant may only pick a driver five times in the season, so that way you don't pick Will Power every single race.

-For doubleheader races, participants will be required to make two separate picks and specify which picks go with which race.

-For the two races of the season that allot points for qualifying (Indianapolis, Iowa), the points the drivers earn in qualifying will be added to the score you receive that weekend.

-There will be another 25 point bonus given out in the month of May. Specifications on what is required remains TBD.

-For Indianapolis, you will get a 25 point bonus for correctly guessing the pole winner. This pick will not count towards your five picks you get for the season, so pick whomever you want.

-At the end of the season, if these is a tie for position, the criteria for the tiebreaker is as follows: 1) Whoever has more wins gets the higher position 2) If each participant has the same number of wins, the next tiebreaker is whoever has more podiums 3) If each participant has the same number of podiums, it goes to whoever has the most top-fives 4) If the participant has the same number of top-fives, the final deciding factor is whoever had the highest single race point total in any event (ie. Person A had a point high of 245 in Round 5, while Person B had a point high of 234 in Round 18, therefore Person A gets the tiebreaker).

-The Ryan Brisoce Rule: If a driver is to be injured in the first race of a double header or practice leading up to any race and you picked this driver, the driver who replaces the injured driver will be the pick that counts for you for that week. You will get back a pick of the injured driver and charged a pick for the replacement. If no driver fills in, then the car will receive last place points. Any car entered into a non-Indy 500 race will get points regardless of if they start.

-Resolution #1 (Proposed November 1st, 2014, ratified November 9th, 2014 with a 32-0 vote): Resolution #1 states that the three competitors that finish 31st, 32nd and 33rd will be eliminated from the following season's field.

-In order for a resolution to be passed, it needs to be proposed and approved for discussion by me, and it will need 17 votes to pass. In order to amend (either alter or eliminate) a current rule, a two-thirds vote (22 votes) is needed.

2015 Field

Name Twitter Handle
Alan Stewart _alanstewart
Amy Woedl OpenWheelMom
Andy Nagel Gabbahey75
Chris Blackburn  chblackburn23
Chris Mienaltowski CPMski
Conor Daly conordaly22
David Leiting Jr. Dlite_47
David Redner IndyCART
DJ Jordan djordan3223
Eric Hall Erock_in_Indy
Gina Navarra  gmnavarra
Jake Neely indycarfan25
James Alban TheKing0fSwing
James Sedlmayr dfd827
Jason McVeigh jasekm
Jerry Cruz Indycar_Raider
Jessica Baker bakerjm13
Johanna Husband writebend
Justin Mann mannbeast
Kieran Brughelli  kieranbrughelli
Kyle Lewis kylelewis1
Lynn Weinberg lynnweinberg
Mathew Gruenholz IndycarSTIG
Matthew Hickey Indycar_MN
Mike Crawford 7BigMike
Mitch Robinson mitchrobinson_
Paige Hill paigehilll
Rick Snodie  rickfromwi
Sam Klein sklein31
Sandy Lamparello npssandy
Sarah Hall flywheel011
Sophie Hanson Sophie_Hansons3
Steven Jenkins ukindyfan

*Pink denotes rookie

2014 Standings 

Pos Name Twitter Handle Score Gap Change
1 DJ Jordan djordan3223 2877 1
2 Sophie Hanson Sophie_Hansons3 2860 -17 -1
3 Chris Mienaltowski CPMski 2850 -27 0
4 Jason McVeigh jasekm 2815 -62 0
5 Sam Klein sklein31 2782 -95 0
6 Jessica Baker bakerjm13 2760 -117 3
7 Jerry Cruz Indycar_Raider 2759 -118 3
8 Kyle Lewis kylelewis1 2754 -123 -1
9 Jake Neely indycarfan25 2727 -150 4
10 Lynn Weinberg lynnweinberg 2724 -153 -4
11 Eric Hall Erock_in_Indy 2692 -185 -3
12 Steven Jenkins ukindyfan 2689 -188 -1
13 Chris Blackburn  chblackburn23 2675 -202 1
14 Andy Nagel Gabbahey75 2664 -213 -2
15 Kieran Brughelli  kieranbrughelli 2657 -220 1
16 Rick Snodie  rickfromwi 2589 -288 3
17 Alan Stewart _alanstewart 2583 -294 -2
18 Mike Crawford 7BigMike 2572 -305 2
19 Matthew Hickey Indycar_MN 2559 -318 -1
20 Conor Daly conordaly22 2557 -320 -3
21 Mathew Gruenholz IndycarSTIG 2466 -411 1
22 Gina Navarra  gmnavarra 2426 -451 -1
23 David Leiting Jr. Dlite_47 2386 -491 0
24 David Redner IndyCART 2321 -556 2
25 Alana Jolly alanajolly 2310 -567 -1
26 James Sedlmayr dfd827 2276 -601 -1
27 Amy Woedl OpenWheelMom 2208 -669 0
28 Justin Mann mannbeast 2166 -711 2
29 Emily Mugan emyrmalee 2152 -725 0
30 James Alban TheKing0fSwing 2060 -817 -2
31 Michael Tressler mtressler13 1197 -1680 0
32 Ross Fujibayashi fujis123 1086 -1791 0
33 Kirstyn Brokken kcb618 1037 -1840 0

2015 Sheet

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P1 - Green
P2 - Yellow
P3 - Orange
Top-5 - Aqua
Penalty - Red

Picks by Race

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Hall of Fame
     -2012: 1st) Kyle Lewis 2nd) Andy Manes 3rd) Matthew Hickey
     -2013: 1st) Jason McVeigh 2nd) Matthew Hickey 3rd) Mathew Gruenholz
     -2014: 1st) DJ Jordan 2nd) Sophie Hanson 3) Chris Mienaltowski

Michael Tressler Rookie of the Year
     -2014: Sophie Hanson

All-Time Wins List (2014 and onwards)

Pos Participant  Wins
1 Kyle Lewis 2
2 Sophie Hanson 2
3 Steven Jenkins 2
4 Alan Stewart 1
5 Chris Blackburn 1
6 Chris Mienaltowski 1
7 DJ Jordan 1
8 Gina Navarra 1
9 Jason McVeigh 1
10 Jerry Cruz 1
11 Jessica Baker 1
12 Mathew Gruenholz 1
13 Matthew Hickey 1
14 Michael Tressler 1
15 Rick Snodie 1

Cumulative Picks Per Participant

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